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Hi Sara,

Thank you so much for singing at my Mums Funeral yesterday.

What an amazing gift and great skill you have.

You have a most beautiful voice.I only just about kept it together, especially when you hit those high notes, wow!

Also, thank you for getting there in the first place! and well before time, making it all go like clockwork.

I did wonder if the Reverand was trying to out pitch you ‘volume wise’ towards the end, at the committal part! 🙂

My Mum was hugely musical. My late Stepfather was a soloist tenor in the Burma Star Choir and appeared once on tv (Albert hall) singing solo, he even named my sister ‘Carmen’, due to his love of opera!

Mum would have loved your performance, thank you.

I was wondering if you have a CD available? (especially would like to be able to play the two songs you sang).

Kind Regards,