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We LOVE performing for personal events and small informal garden parties are some of our favourite! Our ethos is that everyone should be able to enjoy live opera and musical theatre.  We combine thrilling voices with fantastic, high energy music to provide outstanding entertainment that is not only breathtaking but fun and supremely entertaining for audiences of all tastes.

We offer unique programmes of carefully tailored music to suit every outdoor summer event from a small audience of self isolating individuals celebrating a special personal occasion, a casual family gathering, parties of all sizes with friends and relatives, festivals, corporate events and bespoke entertainment. With a vast operatic repertoire of solos and ensembles as well as the light hearted musical theatre and brilliant unique arrangements of popular music from every genre we always leave every party on a high with our audiences looking forward to the next time!

Jazz & Dinner Singers

Alex Jazz SIngers for Hire
Hartley Voices have some stunning jazz and popular music performers in our midst whom add that perfect ambiance to your dinners, receptions and events. Here are a few of our featured performers..

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Singing Waiters

Our Singing Waiters have an ability to change a simple dinner into an fantastic event. Our unique performance creates an enchanted elevated atmosphere, surprising guests with a role reversal from waiter to performer, from table to stage, singing together in glorious 4 part harmony, with live instrumentation or with orchestral backing tracks.

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Classical Opera

AKA Opera Singers for Hire
Transform the atmosphere of your corporate event, dinner or extravagant party with gorgeous performances of classical opera by our talented professionals.

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Musical Theatre

AKA Musical Theatre for Hire
Our talented professional performers will knock your socks off with some fabulous upbeat performances of musical theatre, whether it be a solo or duo performance for an intimate gathering, or a full production created bespoke for you…

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Hot Opera for Hire
Stellarvoce and Divitino are our sizzling seductive crossover acts performing opera and musical theatre hits to up beat backing.

Our sirens will lure even the least musical of your guests as well as giving the most discerning opera going audience a performance to rival that which they will find in the best opera houses.

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Professional Choir

Traditional Choir for Hire
Hartley Voices is happy to provide a suitably-sized choir to add the final touch to any important event, be it a corporate event, wedding, church service or concert.

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Barbershop Quartets

AKA Barbershop quartet hire
A Barbershop Quartet can be a fabulous and incredibly flexible way to add some real character and fun to your event, and we’ve got some of the best barbershop singers for hire. Our fantastic professional quartets will come up with a programme to suit your unique event. From a personal family occasion to a formal corporate event, or in fact anything in between, we have the versatility with a diverse and flexible repertoire to entirely enhance your special occasion and make it one of a kind.

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