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Good afternoon Sara

I am sorry you and I did not have the opportunity to meet last Friday although I did manage to thank the quartet in the reception room.

Everyone was most impressed by your dazzling performance and the guest interaction – it was tight but we just finished before 9.30pm – people do talk rather than eat!!

Obviously, you did not stay around for the speeches but had you done so you would have heard me saying that one of our acting guests is a good friend of Aled Jones.  She sent him a video of your WITA performance and he replied back that he enjoyed it and wished everyone well.

I hope all was good for you guys and Skinners’ Hall looked after you well.

Thank you again

Andrew … Sharing the Best

A soprano & string quartet performance is a fantastic way to add fun and energy to your themed dinner.  For a amazing, high impact and unique performance of an operatic soprano & string quartet is the ultimate gorgeous and impressive addition to your party that will help you create memories that you, your friends and family will never forget!