Mike (Singing Waiters Duo – Royal British Legion Annual Dinner – Bratton, Wiltshire)Contact Us

“Dear Sara, What a tour de force! I have been basking in reflected glory from the all the praise that has flowed in following your performance last night. You and Richard sang beautifully and we felt honoured to have such accomplished and talented singers performing for us in the Jubilee Hall, Bratton. The choice of songs was spot on and you were absolutely right in your recommendations. The artifice worked perfectly and nobody twigged to the fact that you weren’t real waiters. Richard’s spectacular and ill fated entrance was a terrific way to start and it wasn’t until the first bars of Brindisi that people realised you weren’t actually waiters. And what a fantastic duo of non-waiters you were! The songs were all perfectly executed and I think that you made our local Master of The House’s day as well as the two generals. Thank you so much for travelling to Bratton, for safeguarding the secret so well and for a truly magical musical delight. When we were clearing up this morning, your performance was the main topic of conversation. It was very similar last night and the ‘buzz’ that you left behind was palpable. It would be true to say that everyone was captivated by the magic of it all. Carole Glen and her staff were enchanted by the whole affair and very much enjoyed entering into the spirit of the whole thing. I do hope that you had both had good journeys home. It was a long drive and you must have been very tired at the end of it. Thanks once again and I do hope it will be possible to engage you for another performance in the future. I couldn’t recommend Hartley Voices enough. Yours sincerely”