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opera crossover hireStellarvoce, Divitino, Four Voice and Adeo are our entrancing crossover acts performing in popular styles fused with modern operatic and musical theatre hits.

Our sirens will lure even the least musical of your guests as well as giving the most discerning opera going audience a performance to rival that which they will find in the best opera houses.


Hot Female Opera Singers for Hire London
The performance of these opera babes at your dinner or party will bring down the house… The girls give a stunning performance including gorgeous harmonies and solo numbers. Depending on the scale of your event and budget they can be perform in full format with four voices, or reduced down to three or even two to enchant at smaller functions.

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Classical Opera Male Tenor and Bass Singers for Hire
If you want to experience the awe of Nessun Dorma and the powerful operatic classics to make your event unforgettable, the gorgeous Divitino will be happy to put chills down your spine with their soaring tones.
Our charismatic gentlemen will give you a stunning performance, including impressive arrangements of opera and crossover hits. With a carefully designed programme, Divitino will blend seamlessly into your event and give it the true X Factor!

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Four Voice

Four Voice A Cappella Quartet for Hire
Four Voice are a young dynamic a cappella vocal ensemble.  This professional quartet is committed to providing entertainment of the highest standard. Four Voice writes and arranges their own clever versions of familiar pop songs, as well as performing traditional and classical a cappella music.

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Adeo Crossover Act hire
The four stunning sopranos of Adeo bring you a sleek and breathtaking set of operatic arias and chart-topping covers!

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