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Hire singers and talented performers to entertain for your dinner party entertainment. Our live musicians, opera soloists, singing waiters, christmas carollers, barbershop quartets, a cappella ensemble, gospel choir, classical vocalists, soprano singers, tenor soloist, ceremony performers, and musical theatre acts.

Jazz & Dinner Singers

Alex Jazz SIngers for Hire
Hartley Voices have some stunning jazz and popular music performers in our midst whom add that perfect ambiance to your dinners, receptions and events. Here are a few of our featured performers..

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Singing Waiters

Our Singing Waiters have an ability to change a simple dinner into an fantastic event. Our unique performance creates an enchanted elevated atmosphere, surprising guests with a role reversal from waiter to performer, from table to stage, singing together in glorious 4 part harmony, with live instrumentation or with orchestral backing tracks.

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Musical Theatre

AKA Musical Theatre for Hire
Our talented professional performers will knock your socks off with some fabulous upbeat performances of musical theatre, whether it be a solo or duo performance for an intimate gathering, or a full production created bespoke for you…

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Hot Opera for Hire
Stellarvoce and Divitino are our sizzling seductive crossover acts performing opera and musical theatre hits to up beat backing.

Our sirens will lure even the least musical of your guests as well as giving the most discerning opera going audience a performance to rival that which they will find in the best opera houses.

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