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Christmas Carol Singers

Christmas Carol Singers

Christmas Carol Singers for singing at corporate events & private functions

Make this Christmas one to remember with a quartet of professional Christmas Carol Singers. Hartley Voices are offering performances of Carol Singers for early bookings. Hartley Voices contracts Christmas Carol Singers  with a high level of training and performance experience for singing at corporate and private events and functions. There are many talented young Christmas Carollers graduating from music schools across the UK than there is paid work for them, Hartley Voices works to promote the use of live musicians and Christmas Carol Singers at parties and events.

Our stunning young classically trained singers and pianists will transform the atmosphere of your corporate event, intimate dinner, product launch or extravagant party with performances of opera and musical theatre numbers. We can provide a great combination of Carol Singers to perform well known carols for any event.

Depending on your budget we can tailor a small ensemble of Christmas Carollers from 2 to 8 singers singing a varied program of Christmas carols. Our talented Carol Singers can perform for up to an hour with or without additional musical accompaniment for your seasonal musical entertainment.

Christmas Carol Singers - Classical Vocal Entertainment

Our Christmas Carol Singers provide classical vocal entertainment to transform the atmosphere of your corporate event or extravagant party with performances of classical Christmas carols and musical theatre.
Our talented Carol Singers never fail to change an event into a purely elegant and memorable experience that your guests will be talking about long after. Our Carol Singers will enchant your guests with their melodies, and delight you with their professionalism.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities that our Carol Singers and musicians can bring to your event!


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